AŠCOMP, Aljoša Škufca s.p., Services in the field of graphic design, telecommunications and computer equipment

Gradnikova c. 83

Radovljica, Slovenija

Tel.: +386 (0)40 272 304

E-mail: info@ascomp.si

Working hours:

Pon. - Pet.: 16.00 - 20.00

Sobota: 8.00 - 12.00

Sunday and holidays: closed

Our areas of expertise

We offer a wide range of services in the field of web and graphic design, telecommunications and IT networks and sale and maintenance of computer equipment. And this guaranteed at very affordable prices with the option of paying by installments up to 36 months. Call us at our phone number +386 (0)40 272 304 or email us at info@ascomp.si and submit us your inquiry. We will be happy to help realize your wishes.
spletno in grafično oblikovanje - računalniška oprema - IT omrežja
Graphic design, web design and SEO
Like tells a lot about us our personal image, thus tells also pretty a lot about the company its corporate identity. It is very important that we capture the mission and vision of the company that with his graphic image wants to convey. Beautifully designed and stylish logo, business card, flyer, leaflet, brochure, etc., already at first glance attract potential clients and opens the way for further cooperation or partnership. Its corporate image can be complemented with stylish designed website. Well designed and optimized web page is often the first step towards greater recognition of you, your business, services and products you want to market. Taking into account also optimization and online advertising will give you and your company much needed initial momentum on the marketplace.
spletno in grafično oblikovanje - računalniška oprema - IT omrežja
Telecommunications and other IT networks
Fast and effective interpersonal communication within the company and with the business environment often saves us time and money. Today the majority of human communication takes place via various electronic media (e-mail, internet, VoIP telephony, social networks, etc.) for which we need appropriate hardware (PCs and laptops, servers, CPE devices, ethernet switches, routers, smart phones, etc.) and software (operating systems, web browsers, email clients, text and sheets, VoIP applications, etc.). All of this starts individual or company successfully to use only when everything is properly connected and interconnected in the right IT network, which offers the user a simple and effective communication, either via the internet, VoIP telephony or social networks.
spletno in grafično oblikovanje - računalniška oprema - IT omrežja
Sale and maintenance of computer equipment
Do you face a slow running or downloading of programs and applications on your computer? You have an older operating system, but you do not want to replace it with a newer due to a fear of losing data? Thinking about upgrading your computer equipment or purchasing new and do not know which choice is right for you? Is your computer infected with a virus or other malicious or spy software and you are therefore justified concern for the safety of your personal data on your computer? Is your computer or one of the computer components broken down and you want a quick and professional service? Want guaranteed 24/7 intervention or remote assistance for carefree performance of your business? Don[English] ’t worry. Give us a call. For every problem we will find a solution.
spletno in grafično oblikovanje - računalniška oprema - IT omrežja
Education and counseling
We organize individual or group training in graphic and web design (Corel and Adobe), telecommunications and network technologies (use of internet applications) and computer-information software (operating system Vista/7/8/Server Windows and Office 2007/2010/2013). Education are also conducted in English and Russian language. We advise you in designing of corporate identity for your company, setting up an IT network or in the purchase and maintenance of computer equipment. For STARTUP companies we have prepared basic kit aid to helping you start your business. We also offer you translation and interpretation in the Russian language and performing of cost-effective courses of Russian language with native speakers.

Why choose us

Graphic and web design IT networks Computer hardware

If you are aware the importance of reliable and fast business communications, you swear on visual image (corporate identity) of your company, or you would like as an individual establish a simple and effective home network, in which all individual network elements functioned perfectly and are connected to a physical and a logical whole, then AŠCOMP is the right decision for you. We guarantee effective interventions and professional help from a wide IT area, with an emphasis on graphic an web design, modern telecommunications, network technologies, computer equipment and informatics.

  • Web design, graphic design and SEO
  • Sales and maintenance of computer equipment
  • Telecommunications and data networks
  • Education and counseling

Our main services

We offer a wide range of services in the field of telecommunications and network technologies, graphic design and servicing of computer equipment.
Graphic design and corporate identity

Design and production of all kinds of printed materials (logos, business cards, leaflets, bulletins, newsletters, catalogs, etc) and corporate identities for companies with considerations of your wishes and without exceeding the agreed budget for advertising.

WEB design and optimization

Making quality websites, with taking into account all the latest standards that will make your website transparent, simple, useful and pleasing to visitors, and beside that we will also take care for advertising your web page with Google Adwords.

Setting up the IT networks

Installation, maintenance, and protection of private and corporate networks, beside that we will ensure maximum throughput (bandwidth), maximum coverage area of WiFi signal and maximum protection with advanced encryption techniques.

Sales of computer equipment

Sales of computer equipment at affordable prices. We also offer you the option of paying through a loan up to 36 months. We offer a wide selection of brands (Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Samsung, Canon, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, …).

Service of computer equipment

Servicing and maintenance of general computer software and hardware equipment, where we also offer remote assistance and remote elimination of software defects, removing viruses and setting parameters of the operating system.

Removing viruses and trojans

Cleaning of computer viruses and spyware/malware software and installing anti-virus protection for optimum performance of your PC, we will also educate you how to avoid the most common actions that can lead to infection.

Installing the software and hardware

Professional builds in of additional hardware and installing the software for your needs, in which case we will acquaint you with the basic uses and advantages of the newly installed computer equipment and prepare a short presentation.

Consulting and education

Consulting and education from the fields of graphic and web design, telecommunications, IT networks and computer equipment (software) for the individuals or small groups, with adaptations to individual needs and requirements.


You can choose between 4 maintenance packages for computers and 4 packages for creating the web content. Contractor maintenance of computer equipment is primarily intended for all firms (or also for individuals) who wish their IT support as soon as possible and do not want to maintain their own IT department. But if you want for the visibility of your company use the marketing strategy of online advertising, than you can choose from one of our packages, which they include design and creation of various web content.


  • 1 computer
  • Response time up to 48h
  • 1x monthly preventive inspection
  • Unlimited remote assistance


  • Up to 4 computers
  • Response time up to 24h
  • 1x monthly preventive inspection
  • Unlimited remote assistance
  • Advice on upgrades


  • Up to 8 computers
  • Response time up to 12h
  • 1x monthly preventive inspection
  • Unlimited remote assistance
  • Advice on upgrades
  • Annual data backup
  • Availability outside working hours


  • Up to 15 computers
  • Response time up to 6h
  • 1x monthly preventive inspection
  • Unlimited remote assistance
  • Advice on upgrades
  • Annual data backup
  • Availability outside working hours
  • 10% discount on other services

FROM €40

  • Head design of website card
  • Setting the logotype on the site
  • Formating the presentational text
  • Setting up to 3 photos on the site
  • Footer design of website card
  • Setting the contact information

FROM €250

  • Examination of ideas and suggestions
  • Creation of website's visual concept
  • Setting up to 10 photos on the site
  • Domain name registration and housting
  • Site submission on the WWW
  • Submission in major search engines

FROM €400

  • Everything that contain BASIC
  • Preparation the strategy of presence
  • Preparation and text processing
  • Preparation of other images
  • SEO website optimization
  • Google Adwords website advertising

FROM €550

  • Everything that contain ADVANCED
  • Preparing viewing gallery
  • Design and entry up to 50 items
  • Setting up to 3 widgets
  • Quick shopping cart
  • Setting up to 3 payment options

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