Computer equipment


Sale of computer equipment

Thinking of buying new computer equipment? Would you like to update your computer? Do you need a software upgrade? We will be happy to advise you in the purchase and also supply you with selected equipment, switch it on into the operation and with professional care maintained it for its flawless performance. We offer you the possibility to choose from the following manufacturers of computer equipment:

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP): laptops, desktop computers and accessories for computers
  • Lenovo: laptops, desktop computers and accessories for computers
  • Dell: laptops, desktop computers and monitors
  • Acer: laptops and desktop computers
  • Asus: laptops, networking equipment and accessories for computers
  • Samsung: laptops, monitors and accessories for computers
  • Toshiba: laptops, monitors, external and internal hard drives
  • Canon: printers, accessories for printers and consumables
  • IBM: servers, accessories for servers and UPS devices
  • Intel: processors and motherboards
  • Netgear: networking equipment
  • Kingston: memory modules
  • Microsoft: software, video game consoles Xbox + Kinect sensors and accessories for computers
  • ESET: software (antivirus protection)
  • Symantec: software (antivirus protection)
  • AVG: software (antivirus protection)
  • Kaspersky Lab: software (antivirus protection)

For your offer on a specific type of computer equipment please send us an inquiry on or call us on +386 (0) 40 272 304 for prior consulting on the purchase and additional choices.

Buying on credit

In cooperation with Delavska hranilnica d.d. we can arrange financing for the purchase of computer equipment through a loan at very favorable credit conditions:

  • repayment period for the loan: from 12 up to 36 months
  • interest rate: reduction of interest rate by 0.5 percentage points according to the current bank tariff
  • type of insurance: insurance through the bank in the amount of 2.5% of the loan amount
  • approval costs: fixed 50 EUR

We will also previously prepared for you an informative offer and help you in the process of obtaining the credit.

Banka DH

Service of computer equipment

From time to time our computer, either operating system or component of computer, breaks down. In most cases the problem is only a computer virus, which has to be removed without damaging the rest of the data. To prevent this kind of events, it takes a regular computer scanning and regular updating of your antivirus/antispyware programs. Occasionally, there may be a disturbance in the functioning of network elements (WiFi routers, ethernet switches, VoIP phones, etc.). The usual cause is complete or partial failure of one network element, while the cause for errors can also be due to intentional/unintentional interference of man. AŠCOMP offers you a wide range of professional assistance in solving the problems with computer hardware/software and network elements:

  • removing viruses and malware programs
  • setting up a virtual private network (VPN Network)
  • fragmentation of the operating system
  • installation of new or replacement of defective components
  • computer system and network diagnostics
  • installation and configuration of software and drivers
  • servicing hardware (computer components, peripherals, network devices)
  • optimization of network elements to achieve maximum network throughput
  • replacement of dysfunctional network elements (WiFi router, ethernet switch, VoIP phone)

We can offer you assistance via telephone or email, to assist you with choosing the best possible choice for your computer and home or corporate network. However, if you need our help right away, we can also connect to your computer remotely (via applications VNC, Radmin, TeamViewer, etc.) and remotely eliminate software defects, remove virus, set the key parameters of your operating system and applications for optimal performance, install new software, etc.

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Pricelist for servicing of computer equipment can be found here.