Graphic design

  • Web site (CMS platform)
  • Web site (HTML code)
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Web site (CMS platform)

Web design


Did you know that the average website visitor spends less than a minute to viewing it? Did you know that you therefore have less than a minute to convince the visitor to cooperate with you? A professionally designed website will already in the first minute convince the visitor for further cooperation with you.

Website must be original, incisive and convincing, which is achieved by the following steps:

  • examination of desires, ideas and suggestions from customer and conceptual design
  • preparation of strategies for web presence
  • preparation and processing of the proposed text (typing, proofreading)
  • preparing other materials for online presentation
  • photography, scanning and processing photos
  • quality design of website’s visual appealing (preparation of unique templates)
  • domain name registration and web hosting arrangements
  • releasing the site on the DNS servers
  • submission in major search engines (google, yahoo, bing, yandex)
  • (SEO) website optimization

Like every product also website needs maintenance and continuous improvement, because of changes in legislation, the introduction of new technologies, changes in current content or because of business expansion your website simply does not reach your expectations and needs.

Most of our clients also decides to long-term maintenance of their websites:

  • providing the backup of the website
  • archiving and upgrading documentation relating to the web page
  • extension of domain and space on a web server
  • receiving calls and remedy any defects within the working hours
  • preparation of monthly reports based on statistics in Google Analytics
  • preparation of monthly reports based on statistics in Google AdWords
  • tiny updates of the website at the request of the client


Depending on the number of published items and complexity (customer’s requests for additional plugins or modules), we offer the designing and set up an online store on the following open source CMS platforms WordPress, Jigoshop and WooCommerce. Such e-commerce can be standalone or integrated directly into your existing website if it is also designed on an open source CMS platform. When creating your online store we guarantee you the following basic functionalities:

  • unique design depending on customer’s requests
  • preparing the gallery for displaying sale items
  • graphic design and entry up to 50 items in e-commerce
  • exposure according to the buyers best or best-selling items
  • creating categories and classification of items in specific category
  • possibility to create user accounts
  • quick shopping cart for displaying already made purchases
  • payment option via bank transfer or on delivery
  • on-line SEO optimization of the online store
  • domain name registration and web hosting arrangement for e-shop
  • submission of e-shop in Google Analytics and major search engines

Set of basic functionalities can be according to desires and individual agreement with the customer upgraded with the following additional options:

  • graphic design of items and their unlimited entry in e-commerce
  • multi-lingual support and translation of e-commerce in English or German language
  • possibility of obtaining coupons for discount
  • possibility of publishing the opinions and reviews of the customers
  • adding various graphic templates, demonstration sites or banners on the online store
  • off-line SEO optimization of web store (submission in major domestic and foreign web directories)
  • payment option via PayPal or credit card
  • educating of subscriber to be able self-manage online store
  • long-term maintenance of e-commerce on the basis of previously signed maintenance contract

Graphic design

In today’s global evolving world, both physical and legal entity without adequate visibility quickly fade and become invisible to the general public. We are all aware or at least occasionally we become aware, how important it is to be recognized. The question is whether we also do something for our publicity. With the right design approach, such is the creation of corporate identity, custom-made according to customer’s wishes, we provide you with the visibility that will accompany you at every step. The essential elements of each corporate identity are printed materials and web pages, which production begins with the design. From initial concept and design it on large extent depends, whether your graphics content will be noticed and you distinctive and visible. In AŠCOMP we are original and innovative thinking in graphic design to maximize the visibility and market value of your products. We provide our clints, despite all their desires, an affordable products that best reflect their vision and mission.

From graphic design (off-set and digital printing) we produce the following:

  • ADS

Particular emphasis is placed on designing corporate identity, where we want to capture the vision and mission of the company. For us it is very important while designing, that already customer recognizes itself in the product and completely identifies with the image. The product is finished when this desired effect is achieved.

Designing a corporate identity usually involves the creation of the following products:

  • LOGO

Online advertising


If you already have a functional website/e-commerce and you would only like to further advertise it, then e-mail marketing is one of the additional options. According to yours wishes, we create an e-mail marketing template based on HTML, which can be easily inserted into your e-mail editor (Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera, Live Mail, …) and sent to the pre-prepared e-mail addresses. Its advantage over classical JPG or PDF contents is in its interactivity, because such template behaves as web content, which means that the recipient can easy access detailed web content on your website/e-commerce through web links inside the template.

Action pack START-UP

Website design:

  • client’s wishes consideration and conceptual design
  • creating structure of the website (up to 5 subpages)
  • photography, scanning and processing (up to 10 fotos)
  • domain name registration and web hosting preparation
  • submission to major search engines (Google, Yahoo)

Maintenance of the site:

  • providing website backup
  • domain and space maintenance on a web server
  • receiving calls within the working hours
  • preparation of monthly Google Analytics reports
  • preparation of monthly Google AdWords reports
  • tiny updates on the site at the client’s request

Optimizing the website:

  • determination up to 15 keywords for the optimization
  • implementation of “on-site” optimization
  • implementation of “off-site” optimization
  • submission in Google Analytics for keeping statistics
  • submission in Google Webmaster for the SEO purpose

Google AdWords advertising:

  • setting up the account according to client’s wishes
  • determination up to 15 keywords for the advertising
  • creating up to 5 text ads in search network
  • creating up to 5 image ads in display network
  • promotional code for 60 EUR of startup credit

SPECIAL PRICE: 299 EUR + 29 EUR/month

Pricelist of graphic and web design can be found here.

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