Education, counseling and translation

We carry out an individual and group educations, which are intended for both individuals at home as smaller groups within the company. Training courses are adapted to small and medium-sized companies that would like their employees improve skills in computer science and some general IT areas. The focus is on practical work, which means that education takes place at the computer, if such environment is available. Students are at the end of the course able to use selected applications. AŠCOMP offers education from the following IT areas:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows
  • Text editor: Micosoft Word
  • Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Internet: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook
  • Graphic Design: Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

We are aware that also after completion of courses you will occasionally have some questions or you will be faced with problems, which you will not be able to solve by your own, so we'll be happy to advise and assist you in removing them over remote assistance. The best help is a quick help, so we can offer you counseling or education, when it comes to rescue or help with a less complex problems, via remote desktop applications (TeamViewer, VNC, R-admin, etc.) and VoIP applications (Skype, Messenger, etc.). All you need is your computer, on which you normally install these tools for remote support and communication, to call us or contact via e-mail, and in the shortest possible time, we will arrange to help or advice you at the elimination of problems remotely. This will save your time and you will avoid unnecessary costs, which would further have with servicing the problem locally.

Pricelist for educations and translation can be found here.